Recommended Techo Tools

Kokuyo Kokuyo

Are you trying to make a difference in your life with Jibun Techo but struggling with it?
Here, TETE, a Jibun Techo enthusiast answers questions by JIJI, who has just started using a planner.
Find useful ideas and tools to better enjoy your journey!


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What tools do you recommend to better use each content of Jibun Techo?

Some sticky notes come with to-do lists and cute illustrations. They work very well with your planner!

Figure 1
Figure 1
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I am losing track of all the tools for my planner...Is there a good way to organize them?

A pen stand with compartments helps you organize all the tools for your notebook in one place!

Figure 2
Figure 2
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Is there a quick way to make my planner look cute and neat?

Use Washi tapes (Decorative masking tapes) to add some colors and highlight. It can make your Jibun Techo look appealing!

Figure 3
Figure 3

Tell me about pens for a planner.
(How should I carry them around? What kind should I choose? How can I organize and separate different items with what I write?)

Gel ink pens and highlighters are good to start with. Different types of pens and markers available! Find your favorite among a wide variety of colors and designs!

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I want to paste and organize various things on my planner!

Tape Glue is a must have! There are many different sizes and types of Tape Glues available. Choose the product that suits your purposes!

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What are some tools that would put me in a good mood when using a planner?

Coordinate tools with your favorite colors to get motivated. Using these series of items with your planner might make you feel more creative!

Figure 6
Figure 6