Jibun Techo Tips

Kokuyo Kokuyo

Getting in the habit of using 'Jibun Techo' and how it helps you

A planner is a one and only item that lets you love yourself (“Jibun”) more, the longer you continue using it.
It serves as a reliable partner that helps you become the kind of person you want to be and a place to look back on the experiences you have accumulated.

Why do people use planners?

We believe that there is more to a planner than just keeping track of one's schedule.

  • Looking back at yourself and the past

  • Learning all the great things about yourself

  • Writing down the memories of your life

  • Making notes of your emotions and mood

  • Sharing tips and growth with your future self

  • Loving and gaining confidence in yourself for sticking to your planner

Knowing the benefits of a planner, but have a hard time keeping on with it?
Not sure how to take advantage of a planner?

We have put together a list of tips and tricks based on such concerns and issues we have heard from our users, to help you keep using your planner for a long time. Let us help you make the most of a planner at your own pace and in your own way.

* 'Jibun' is a Japanese word for "myself" and Techo means "planner".

Start out with features that are less challenging

Start out with features that are less challenging!

Here we will show you how to use a Gantt chart.
A Gantt chart allows you to manage and track your schedule, tasks, physical conditions, and other activities.

How to make a Gantt chart:

As a basic rule, the vertical axis on a Gantt chart represents the tasks in detail, including the actual work, the person in charge, the start date and the end date. The horizontal bars along the time scale represent the duration and progress for each task.

A Gantt chart helps make multiple projects progress at the same time, while visualizing the flow and achievements of each task. This also allows users to effectively coordinate other plans and appointments.

Gantt Charts also can be customized in many ways as a habit tracker, a health record, or a customized checklist.

Feel guilty about the blank spaces in your planner?

Feel guilty about the blank spaces in your planner?

There will always be times in your life logging routine when you can’t keep track of your planner for unavoidable reasons. But this means that your life is unexpectedly rich in variety.

It is nothing wrong that your planner is left with a blank space when you’re busy, depressed, of tied up with events. The blank space then becomes a log in itself, suggesting that you have gone through something extraordinary in your life.

Just leave such a day blank or mark it with a sticker, then start logging again tomorrow for your life log to continue.

Appreciating the time with your planner

Appreciating the time with your planner:

The time you spend on you planner is invaluable. Even for just 10 minutes, take a moment out of your busy schedule to make a cup of your favorite tea and open your planner... it may give you the chance to enjoy your days and to face your true self.

Have a chat with your friends over a planner, while looking at photos and logs from the past, or just appreciate yourself and recognize your own path in the logs. Such a moment with a planner is priceless.