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Kokuyo Kokuyo

Jibun Techo can be used in many different ways. Learn from the stories shared by users around the world to find out how you can effectively use your Jibun Techo. Using a planner as a log to keep track of your daily goals, a short diary, a scrapbook, or a group journal with your close friends...


Whether you're new to Jibun Techo or looking for new ideas to better use your planner, the real voices of fellow users wil give you a wealth of inspiration to get you prepared for the joys and difficulties of keeping a planner.

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Here is an example case from one of our users.

Pen name : Ai
History with a planner : 4 years


Ai started using a planner as a way to keep a log of her daily life and to look back on herself, but gradually lost motivation and stopped.
→ In 2021, she took  a planner again and developed her own approach to using a planner by referring to helpful ideas shared by other users.

2021 (Jibun Techo - Weekly planner):
My goal was to review and organize my lifestyle. I focused on recording my work hours and personal events, weight in the morning, To Do lists, gratitude log, and everyday meal.

2022 (Jibun Techo Biz - Weekly planner):
In addition to the above, I used date sheets to track my sleeping hours and clock stamps to record the time spent on my smartphone. I became motivated to make my planner prettier and more enjoyable to look at, and to keep a more detailed record of my day-to-day activities!

Feel guilty about the blank spaces in your planner?

Users around the world are experiencing similar concerns and joys in using a planner. Explore what others are doing to develop thier own ways of using Jibun Techo. Popular entries will be shared regularly on our website, so make sure to check back and get inspired. Let's have fun with planners together!