About Us

Kokuyo Kokuyo

Founder’s Philosophy


Enrich the world through our products

We support the growth of our customers through our products and services so as to enrich society. 


Designed with Empathy

[Our Strength] Designed with Empathy

KOKUYO began in 1905, when our founder opened a shop selling ledger covers.
Since then, our organization has always expanded through the development of innovative products and services, and by keeping abreast of the changing times.

But there is one thing that has never changed over those 100+ years. 
Empathy. Our empathy with customers’ needs has always driven us to create new products and services.
And when our customers empathize with us through our products and services, we feel all the more inspired to take on new challenges.
Our empathic resonance generates new experiences.
This is where our true strength lies.

Be Unique

[Our Purpose] be Unique

Over the years, we have developed various products that enrich lives. That feeling when you open up a fresh new notebook and see the blank page… That feeling when you put pen to paper and let the ideas flow out… Whether through stationery, furniture, or spatial design, we’ve always helped people unleash their inner creativity.

Creation is an expression of uniqueness. We believe that bringing out people’s individuality contributes toward a better future. We will continue to stimulate people’s inner creativity to bring out their uniqueness.