Appreciate all your "likes" even more.

Appreciate all your "likes" even more.

Let's start your "Planner+1"!


What is Planner+1?

Planner+1 is a new way of making your everyday life more enjoyable by combining your "likes" with the right "notebook".

While planners and journals let you take notes on a variety of things from daily events to your hobbies, they can easily be overfilled and you end up losing sight of what you truly "like". By making a +1 notebook starring all your favorite things, you can focus on your “likes" and make your life even more enjoyable.

We introduce to you, KOKUYO's Planner+1!

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Answer the questions and find your perfect Planner+1.

How to enjoy Planner +1…

Ms. R

I love to travel! I keep a journal for every trip I take, but in order to include details of my memories along with photos, I made my own Planner+1 for traveling.


Mr. W

I use a planner to manage my business Todo's. I created my Planner+1 to organize ideas and thoughts that I could not write in my planner.


Ms. A

My planner is totally packed with my family's schedule! So I decided to use Planner+1 to keep a record of my child as an exchange diary.

How to make your Planner +1

Start by looking through your planner and collecting your "likes.” Refer to the examples below for basic how-to and recommended notebooks!

Answer a few simple questions and we'll give you some ideas on how to enjoy Planner+1!

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